Pediatric Eye Problems

Dr. Soares is a fellowship-trained Pediatric Ophthalmologist taking care of children’s eye problems. Children have much different eye problems than adults. A child’s visual brain center develops from birth up to age 8. If something is wrong in this time span and not corrected a child could end up with poor vision in that eye for life. Dr. Soares recommends that children be seen at the ages of 6 months, 3 years and 5 years. Up to 3% of children are born with misaligned eyes (strabismus). Strabismus can also cause amblyopia (decreased vision in one or both eyes). Another cause of amblyopia is anisometropic amblyopia. This occurs because of a difference in glasses prescription between the eyes. Dr. Soares can diagnose and treat these problems at a very young age and assure that children will have great vision for life.